Knaus caravans - Standards and Novelties 2019

Wonderfully comfortable

A compact caravan for couples or a spacious design icon - or a sporty caravan with extra load capacity?

At KNAUS you will find exactly the right caravan for your dream holiday. From the ultra-light TRAVELINO to the classic SÜDWIND: you can choose your personal favourite from many different models, even more layout variants and lots of equipment options.

That's freedom that moves - and camping holidays that you've always wanted.

If you have any questions or would like advice, our vehicle consultants are of course also at your disposal.
Here we present the new variants to you - let us inspire you:


Caravan construction made easy. The KNAUS TRAVELINO shows that a good idea does not vanish into thin air.

Because where there is a will, there is also a way. And the will of the KNAUS team is simply unshakeable. Just like the particularly light FibreFrame, the dynamic PowerAxle chassis and the ultrasound-based furniture in the interior. We have visioned, designed, constructed and concretized.

The result is a congenial caravan with which we begin a new era in caravan construction.

When a vision goes into series production, then all the pointers are set to revolution. And that's just the beginning.



For over 50 years, the KNAUS SÜDWIND has stood for genuine craftsmanship.

Solid aluminium profiles and furniture in integral construction with optimum rear ventilation ensure unparalleled quality. What is there to improve? Nothing really.

But we did it anyway. With the new floor in noble yacht look, elegant inlays in mother-of-pearl white with cross cut and the light, friendly wood decor, the new SÜDWIND is the most beautiful ever. Even if it wasn't that easy.


The KNAUS LIFESTYLE convinces.

Last summer we caused a sensation with the TRAVELINO - now we are taking the next step with the new DESEO: Our loadmaster with the large tailgate has been completely redeveloped and inherits the revolutionary genes of THE MISSION.

Thanks to state-of-the-art FibreFrame technology, we have succeeded in making the DESEO even more flexible and spacious. The variable room layout and trend-setting construction ensures the perfect balance between useful and living space, so that even two fully-fledged motorcycles can be transported.

At its destination, the DESEO transforms into a fully equipped, comfortable caravan. Quite practical, isn't it?


Romantic evening hours for two or full action on the lake with the whole family.

The KNAUS SPORT is simply added value. During its development we have given everything to achieve the maximum for you. And that was worth it, because with its low weight, it offers plenty of room for manoeuvre for payloads at any length and is therefore also ideal for smaller towing vehicles.


Our dynamic lifestyle loadmaster combines the best of both worlds. Progressive design and an incredible amount of space for lots of action. Open the tailgate, put your bikes in, put your camping gear in the huge bow garage and off you go. Wherever you want and as long as you want.

The SPORT&FUN is the extreme athlete among the caravans.

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